by Fabrizio Scardovi (English)

BRUSEGANA. Falconer needed.  This plea comes from the handling operators of the “Gianni Allegri” airport and is aimed at all the falconry associations of the territory:  “We are looking for collaborators to prevent bird striking – plane accident caused by a collision with a flock of birds – but also to reduce cleaning expenses of the hangars.”  Antonio Podesta, Lieutenant Colonel of the Military Aviation says: “We are not at risk of bird striking because we only have helicopters and therefore we are not worried.    Aeroplanes that make civilian flights could be the most affected.”  According to the Fire Department, there are very few jets and the losses are mostly the costs of cleaning the enamel of the aircrafts and the hangars.  The district has asked Marco Pellizzari, seller of the Acme Company who produce contraceptive animal food, to give them an estimate.  He states:  “There would be a reduction of about 30% of the birds without harming their health if they were given the contraceptive pill.  The effects would be temporary, and the product has existed since the 50’s and is used by chicken breeders.”  Giulio Piras of Lipu, talking of the birth control systems with medicines, reminds us:  “Be careful, we think contraceptives are possible, but we are also worried about the other 50 species who fly over Padova and could eat the same food.”  The falconry could be another solution added to the other methods already adopted in the historic city centre, but, he continues:  “It is also true that falconry does not resolve the general problem, but only specific ones like the airport.”